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We are pleased to inform that one Bengal Level Full Contact Karate Championship -Shivaji Cup was held at Magma House, Park Street, Kolkata, organised by Shivaji Ganguly’s Academy Mind & Body, Supported by: -“Martial Art India”. The tournament was held on 12th February, 2017 from 11:30 AM onwards.
In the tournament, there were 32 participants who participated from the various parts of Bengal in the division of two category.

1) Cadet Category – From 16 to 18 years
2) Open Category. (Senior)

The feedback of the tournament was very good as well as the fighting standard was high.
Category wise the positions held by the fighters are given below:-

Cadet Category: 1st Position: Sandeep Upadhyay
2nd Position: Milind Sirhoia
3rd Position: Dev Kr. Agarwal
4th Position: Akshay Mondal

Open Category: 1st Position: Biswarup Das
2nd Position: Kripasindhu Chakroborty
3rd Position: Souvik Dey
4th Position: Arindam Sarkar

The supreme judge of the tournament was Shihan Shivaji Ganguly who is the president of Kyokushinkai India and the chairman of IKO World So-Kyokushin Indian Branch.

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FIT EXPO, 2016

Shihan Shivaji Ganguly was felicitated at the biggest sports event in Kolkata, Fit Expo 2016. The event was presented by BODYLINE and powered by SKULPT. The event was inaugurated with a beautiful Kathak dance by Sensei Shibayan Ganguly. The following day, Sensei Shyamantak Ganguly along with Sensei Shibayan Ganguly and Sensei Sauvik Chakraborty demonstrated the power and essence of Kyokushin karate. Along with them Sensei Prabir Mondol and Sensei Zoe Talukdar Chakraborty also actively participated in the programme.


The Telegraph, India, English News Paper


IKO World Championship 2016


The Indian Full Contact karate team had performed tremendously in the IKO World Karate Championship which was held at Shizuoka, Japan. Shihan Shivaji Ganguly the Indian Chairman of So-Kyokushin and the president of Kyokushinkai India was honored with a post in the reputed deliberation committee (head referee\jury). Sensei Shyamantak Ganguly who participated in the middle-weight category knocked his opponent from the USA, gaining two wazaris in the first round itself. This was the first time that a fighter from India had exhibited such skill at a World Championship platform. Sensei Shibayan Ganguly who participated in Kata at the World Championship performed alluringly against Japan but was unfortunate at the decisions. We would like to congratulate him for this wonderful achievement.

He showed true budoism in his performance, and we salute his spirit.Sensei Sauvik Chakraborty faced his Zimbabwean opponent valiantly. Though the fight was partial from different aspects, Sensei Sauvik fought with will and power. He has proved that class is the impartial, consistent display of integrity. We take this opportunity to congratulate him for his outstanding performance. Sensei Zoe Talukdar Chakraborty had fought like a true warrior against her Japanese opponent in the World tournament but was unfortunate at the end. We should always remember that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the most important thing in life is to enjoy what you do. We would also like congratulate Saarthak Agarwal, Anyaa Banerjee and Arunima Ghosh Roy who participated among the young cadets, for their zeal and determination.


IKO World Championship

On 22nd and 23rd of October 2016, IKO World SO-KYOKUSHINKAI (Shizouka, Japan) will be organizing a World Championship Event for full contact Kyokushin aspirants. Shihan Shivaji Ganguly has been honored as the Chairman of the India board of committee for the esteemed body. Team India will actively participate in this program. The active participants are Shyamantak Ganguly, Shibayan Ganguly, Sauvik Chakraborty, and Zoe Talukdar Chakraborty. Among the young cadets are Saarthak Agarwal, Aanya Banerjee Arunima Ghosh Roy.




IKO kyokushinkai India (Full Contact Karate) Shihan Shivaji Ganguly’s Academy: Martial Art India, under the supervision of IKO kyokushinkai India, successfully completed the 33rd All India Summer Camp (2016) at Puri, Orissa. All the participants reached the venue (Beach- Bengal Hotel) on 26th May, 2016. The camp was on and continued till 31st May, 2016 from the aforesaid date. The array of participants reached one hundred and fifty (150), this year. The age of the candidates circled between five to sixty years. Puri District is a coastal District on the eastern part of Odisha, India. The summer months from March to May are hot and extremely humid, with temperatures rising to over 42° C.Read More...



We are pleased to inform that Kyokushin India had organised the 10th Winter Camp at Rishyap , Darjeeling ( North Bengal ) from 26th to 31st December, 2015. Rishyap is a beautiful hill station and has a very nice natural environment for practicing. Our sessions used to start at early morning 5:30 am at a chilling temperature of one degree Celsius. The morning session included meditation uphill running, stamina and strength workouts, basics practice. The idea was to acclimatize the body with nature.Read More...