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IKO World So-Kyo Kushin


Kazuyuki Hasegawa – President (IKO Kyokushin Kaikan)

Kazuyuki Hasegawa was popularly known as the “the little giant”. He experienced unusual super-speed career from the beginning of his journey in Karate. He secured a third place in the first time All-Japan tournament, following a win in the 2nd All-Japan tournament.In addition, he not only became a champion himself, but assisted in training many of the All-Japan champions, and continued to protect the heritage of Kyokushin. He received his Kudan on 23rd November, 2014. Currently he is the honorary president of World So-Kyokushin.


Daigo Ohishi – Vice-President (IKO Kyokushin Kaikan)

Kicks of Daigo Ohishi, as described by Kyokushin founder Mas Oyama is the “best in the world”. He is known as “genius of judo foot technique”.Its destructive power was demonstrated not only in the All-Japan tournament but the world tournament, and literally shook the world. He completed the 70 people kumite in 1998. Now, he is the standing vice-president of World So-Kyokushin.