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about us

Kyokushinkai India is a Government registered trust operating nationally. It is founded by Shihan Shivaji Ganguly, the DISCIPLE and BRANCH CHIEF of Sosai Mas Oyama and it is currently affiliated World SO-KYOKUSHINKAI (Shizouka, Japan) whose president is Hanshi Daigo Ohishi. This organisation is operating from 1980s.

The headquarters of Kyokushinkai India is at Kolkata and it operates democratically with a proper committee which is headed by Shihan Shivaji Ganguly, the honorary life time president of this organization.

The primary objective of KyokushinKai India is to propagate, practice and preserve Kyokushin Karate. It truly cultures and works for the development of the original KYOKUSHIN KARATE which was created by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Shihan Shivaji Ganguly, being MAS OYAMA’s direct and one of the best students from Asia, is carrying on the legacy of Mas OYAMA’s BUDO FULL CONTACT KARATE in its true spirit.

In India Kyokushinkai India ( which was then called ) was the only Kyokushin Organisation to invite and host SOSAI MAS OYAMA in the year 1991 who came here as the chief guest of “OYAMA CUP” one of the famous national level Kyokushin tournament of that time .

KyokushinKai India organizes different tournaments (international, national, state etc.), Camps, seminars and workshops etc. every year and has become a well renowned FULL CONTACT KARATE organization. Following the footsteps of its world body, Kyokushin India is holding high the beam of Full Contact Karate and has started Olympic movements dedicatedly.

Kyokushin has influenced many of the “full-contact” schools of karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum. Many other martial arts organizations have “spun-off” from Kyokushin over the years, with some additional techniques, such as grappling. But KyokushinKai India is the only organization which propagates authentic Full Contact Karate and maintains its philosophy truly.